Air Duct Sanitation


Air Duct Sanitation

The disinfectant gets aerosolized into tiny droplets, ensuring a complete coating on every surface of your ductwork. To sanitize and disinfect your air ducts, our techs use an all-natural EPA approved disinfectant formula. This is fragrance-free, low-toxic treatment that’s presently used in hospitals, medical offices and other healthcare facility environments, as well as in homes.

Air Duct Sanitizing, Why Do You Need It?

Like air duct cleaning, duct sanitizing is important to improve your indoor air quality. However, having your air ducts sanitized goes a step beyond cleaning, with extra steps to reduce the amount of mold, bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms in addition to removing dirt and dust in your home’s ductwork.
For our sanitizing process, Air Mavericks uses the fogging method. The fogging process we use for our sanitizing service will kill any living microbiological growth in your AC unit and in your ductwork. We use a natural disinfectant that is harmless to occupants.

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Air Duct Sanitation

What is it?

Air duct sanitizing is an additional service the certified air duct technicians at Modernistic can provide while cleaning your home. After cleaning the ductwork, while your HVAC system is still hooked up to the air duct truck and under negative air pressure, they apply the sanitizer. The technicians use a fogger to apply the sanitizer and due to the negative air pressure, it coats the entire interior of the duct system. The product has no lingering scent and is safe enough that it is used in hospitals.

Why should I have my air ducts sanitized?

There are lots of situations where you and family might benefit. If you are moving into a new home, sanitization can make sure that any unknowns from the previous homeowner are taken care of. It can also help during the winter months by minimizing the germs your HVAC system is spreading through your indoor air. Sanitization further assists with removing any triggers for you or your loved ones who suffer from allergies or asthma. Killing any mold or mildew will also help those with weakened immune systems such as a new baby or someone just coming home from the hospital.

How is it different from air duct cleaning?

What’s the difference between a standard air duct cleaning and sanitizing the ducts? A standard air duct cleaning removes any debris from your ductwork such as dirt or drywall dust. The sanitizing adds the disinfecting and deodorization of the ductwork of your home while killing any mold or mildew hiding inside. In addition, it prohibits bacterial, viral, and fungal growth for approximately six months after being applied.

How often should you sanitize?

While there is no strict guideline for how often you should sanitize your ductwork if you do suffer from asthma or allergies you might want it done every few years. If you had a flood in your home and moisture got into the duct system it’s a good idea to sanitize. Everyone is different and it depends on each individual’s household needs.

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